About Me

At Raw Urth Soap Company we have an admiration and respect for the natural items that go into our products.  We believe that quality ingredients make for quality products.  There are no questionable or unrecognizable ingredients in our products.  The handmade soaps are made with nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oil, castor oil and combined with nourishing shea butter.  They are scented with the highest quality fragrance oils or pure essential oils.  Raw Urth Soap Company believes that great things come in small batches.  We love what we do and that's an ingredient that also goes into every batch.

My name is Carol Bullock and I am the creator of Raw Urth Soap Company.  I have researched, tested and hand formulated all of the products of the line.  Our product line includes 14 different handmade soaps.  We use the Cold Process method to make our handmade soaps along with some modern, planet friendly twists.  The technique requires a minimum of 4-6 week curing time to ensure the highest quality and preserve the therapeutic benefits of our ingredients.  

Along with the handmade soaps there are some other luxury bath and body products such as salt soaps, exfoliating salt scrubs and whipped sugar scrubs, the creamiest body butter, a unique face scrub, a body cream and a hydrating face cream.

I have designed and created products my whole life.  I am taking my skills and experience and pouring it into Raw Urth Soap Company one batch at a time.  I hope you enjoy....that's what life is about!

Carol Bullock