Practically all other soap bars get soggy/slimy in the soap dish but yours does not.  And it last much longer.  Nice work on making a premium product.    Michael James Carlson

I love your soap     Mathew F. Walsh

I got a gift box of some of your products for Christmas and I loved the Awaken scent so much I had to get another when I ran out      Emma

I met you at the Arlington Heights Walk in the Park art fair and have been enjoying your produce since then     Marilyn

I can't say enough about your products     Jaime Lovino

I love all  of your products.  They are lovely scented and make my skin happy     Laura

A friend gifted me your products and finally ordered more of the Peace & Loe sugar scrub which smells HEAVENLY     Peggy Levine

I purchased your shampoo, conditioner and body butter and I love it!!!     Annette Parden

Holy Moly the facial cream is so amazing.  Wow I love it.  The ingredient list is fabulous     Mo

Every time I get an order from you I wish I ordered more     Beth

Oh my goodness the body butter is luscious.  I took a shower and used the body rub then put the body butter all over my terribly dry skin.  It is really something     Mary D

My skin is way better Carol.   I have always had really dry skin and have been skittish about chemicals.  I have such a high toxic load (Parkinson) But your products are amazing     Maureen

I received a soap and body butter as a gift after my daughter was born and I just have to let you know that I thought is was fantastic